Schizophrenic America

24 01 2010

This month of January 2010 has been brutally cold in the Northeast USA. Winter has come to the region a bit earlier than I expected but what was more chilling to me were two political events that promise to reshape American politics in ways not seen in years. 

Scott Brown

Scott Brown (c) WikiPedia

First, my fellow Massachusetts citizens have stunned the world when their majority decided to pick an obscure Republican politician to replace the late Ted Kennedy in the US Senate. The decision was stunning in a million ways. First, the Democrats now are no longer in control in the Senate. This means whatever little ability they had to set the agenda and move forward with meaningful reforms is basically dead now courtesy of the Massachusetts citizens. Secondly, the man they picked made no secret of his intentions to kill any initiatives that would grant the American people some safety nets in the areas of healthcare, finance, consumer rights, education, job protection, etc. What is equally stunning, the voters who always endorsed the democratic and human values defended by the Kennedys, are the very same that decided to set their country back 20 years behind. If this is not schizophrenia, what is? Read the rest of this entry »


“Non-sense and not a Serious Writing about Morocco”

20 01 2010

Paul Wilson of The North Africa Journal wrote what I consider a very pertinent analysis on Morocco, following a reshuffle of some ministerial positions there. The article received some criticism and not enough counter arguments. I let you judge through this link.  See the very bottom for one feedback that we published. Click here.

The Politics of Closed Vacation Resorts

30 12 2009

Birds of Mexican Carib Riviera

I just spent a week in Playa Del Carmen along the Mexican Caribbean cost, east of the country.

The resort was an all-inclusive and an outstanding one, in many aspects. It featured very clean facilities, a very well designed landscape, a number of swimming pools for both adults and children and most importantly, the owners managed to provide an abundance of food and drinks, which after a day of wondering whether the supply will last, you will realize that the supply is steady and there to stay.  That in itself may be source of cost containment for the resort owners. Because instead of eating like it is going out of style, you no longer worry, therefore you pace yourself.  Less scared, less wasteful. Read the rest of this entry »